About Us

www.ciigoal.com is the website under Shenzhen Qianzhi Technology Co., Ltd.

Who We Are

CiiGoal is a comfortable and stylish online retailer of men's and women's shoes and accessories. Here, you will find trendy designs, comfortable experiences, and affordable prices.

Our Story

CiiGoal was officially launched in April 2023. The name "CiiGoal" is derived from the combination of the initials of our brand concept, "Comfort is Initial Goal." While it may deviate slightly from grammar, it perfectly represents our dedication to product quality. Our brand concept is inspired by an old Chinese saying, "Only the feet know whether the shoes are good or not."

Why Choose CiiGoal

  1. We maintain close partnerships with high-quality shoe manufacturers from around the world, carefully selecting the most cost-effective products from their collections. This vision has been the foundation of our company and remains our ongoing core competency.

  2. CiiGoal offers a wide variety of shoes in unique styles. All CiiGoal shoes undergo rigorous testing before being listed to ensure product quality upon delivery.

  3. CiiGoal provides a 30-day return policy. If you have any inquiries, please email us at support@ciigoal.com, and we will provide you with a satisfactory solution.

  4. At CiiGoal, you can expect excellent customer service and a convenient shopping experience.

Good products, good service, and good prices – these are our pursuits. Choosing CiiGoal will not only make your feet more comfortable but also enhance your overall lifestyle.

We wish you a satisfying shopping experience at CiiGoal!